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The Jewish Museum in Curacao

Curaçao’s Jewish Cultural Historical Museum is a delightful museum preserving the most precious religious and cultural artifacts on the island. Many pieces in collection are still used today in the Congregation’s services and rituals.

The museum displays an exquisite variety of priceless ceremonial and cultural objects and artifacts collected during the over 350 years of Jewish life on Curaçao. Among them:

Torah scroll brought by the first Jewish settlers to Curacao

200 year old silver tray from Holland, still used for the smashing of the wineglass during wedding ceremonies in the Synagogue.

Chairs of Elijah (circumcision chairs). One over 300 years old

Silver Havdallah spice-box dating back to 1704.

Unique, hand-wrought silver K’tarim (Torah crowns) from the first half of the 18th century;

Colorful, hand decorated Ketubot (marriage contracts), the oldest dated 1739;

and countless other small, but no less significant memorabilia, such as coins minted by local Jewish families, commemorative stamps honoring famous Curaçao Jewish enterprises and culture, plaques and brooches made with the hair of deceased relatives, amulets, etc.

A complete Seder table, set with all the ritual objects and symbols for the Festival of Pesach (Passover), is the centerpiece of the second floor exhibit area.

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